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twittercelebritiesYears ago, to keep up with your favorite celebrity crush you had to follow their tour bus or stalk a movie set. These days, all you have to do is turn on your computer or phone. Sites such as Myspace, or Facebook, are catering to celebrities in the hopes of adding an extra incentive for non-celebrities to join. That incentive being that they can feel more connected with whichever celebrity they choose. Business Week calls it the “Ashton Kutcher Effect.”

People, such as, Katie Couric and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, had the privilege of trying out Facebook’s new setting and design before it was available to the public.

Other perks include being able to create a ‘vanity URL’, which is simply the Facebook URL with one’s name attached to the end

This cross between Hollywood and cyberspace has created a new way for celebrities to promote themselves and the brands they wish to endorse. Eric Weaver, of Brand Dialogue, states that Twitter is an effective tool for getting people to listen to what you have to say about a product, but you need to respond as well. Some celebrities have thousands of followers but are only following 2 or 3 people, which looks bad in the ‘developing relationships’ category.

A new website called “Sponsored Tweets” allows advertisers to pay for celebrities to write about their product/service on the companies Twitter page. This all may seem a little confusing and even after reading through the Sponsored Tweets webpage a few times, I’m still not sure I completely understand how they work, but, the concept of doing commercials or print ad’s on a social networking platform is fabulous in my mind. Bottom line is that advertisers can get word about their products spread around the entire web and tweeters can get paid for doing it. May seem a little corrupt if you can’t fully prove that these people giving reviews have actually used the products they are reviewing, but then again, do you really think half the celebrities on TV use the product they are endorsing?

~ by Lauren Babbage on September 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “Celebs on the Web”

  1. I personally can’t believe that there are so many different things on Facebook because I never look at any of the ads or any other real pages on Facebook except for the people I know. I read this article titled, How To: Make Facebook Your Newsroom for my blog. I guess I just wonder what the response is on Facebook from people our age to following celebrities?

    • I was surprised too. I know that I personally just go on people’s facebook who I have met in the past or who I have contact with on a regular basis but doing some research on it, a lot of celebrities use their Facebook’s as a forum to create a larger fan base. Of course, I can’t be 100% certain of this because some celebrities don’t actually manage their Facebook accounts (they have “people” for that), and some of them might even been someone totally random trying to be funny, but overall I do think it’s a great tool to promote yourself, no matter what age group is following you.

  2. That’s an interesting thing i just learned. Sponsored tweets. Smart. How do I feel? I feel quite unsure actually. I really like twitter but it’s one of those I can’t really understand why I like it. I wonder what the percentage in increase of product buy based on twitter sponsored tweets is. Magazines do it flawlessly. I feel like in a few years when twitter figures out all its small glitches and security issues that way of advertising will be more helpful.

    • I feel the same way! I do like the concept of Twitter, simply because you can choose how much information you put out to the public, but at the same time I always wonder why do we actually need it? By doing all this research on celebrities promoting their brands and essentially, themselves,I am begining to understand why Twitter will be such an important part of the future. I think it will help us with career opportunities as well.

  3. In general I think celbs using social media sites is a great idea, granted it is really them or a legit representative. Think, before social media most celbs were only featured in tabloids when paparazzi bombarded them all the time. How could anyone always be flattering or really get the information the want across. As celbs “play” in our ball park, social media, they are able to portray the message they want to get out at their own convenience. As far as the advertisements all over the page, it’s hard to believe they actually work but I know that sites such as facebook do lots of data mining and then sell it to advertisers who then can pick and choose who they advertise to. It seems like a smart concept but I’m curious to see how affective it really is.

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